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Welcome! This guide will help you find the best information sources for Design

Searching for Images

There are millions of images available online. Try these tips to save time searching.

  • Focus your search. Google Advanced Image Search allows you to search by size, type, colour, aspect ratio and licensing restrictions.
  • Try searching museum websites to find images of works that are held in their collections. Many museums make images from their collections freely available.
  • If you're looking for work by a contemporary artist, see if they have their own website.

Images and Referencing

Every time you use a picture, painting, photograph, diagram or other image from a source in an assignment, you must acknowledge where you got it from.

Use our Image Referencing Guide to find out how.

Images and Copyright

Images are usually protected by copyright. This will be stated on the image itself or nearby in the text. Often reproduction for use in academic assignments is acceptable, but you must acknowledge where you got it from...don't forget to reference!

To find copyright free images, filter to Creative Commons Licenses in Google Images or Bing


Or search copyright free image sites like these:



Flickr Public Domain Images