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Standards: British Standards Online Custom Quick Start Guide: Welcome

A brief introduction to using British Standards Online Custom (BS)


The Library has a subscription to a British Standards Online Custom Collection allowing for up to 50 standards to be made available.  If you wish to have individual British Standards added to the Custom Collection, contact your lecturer, supervisor or


Available from the library web site:
● and select ATU Sligo
●    Databases A-Z
●    Choose Standards - BSOL British Standards Online Custom from the list

You may need to enter your ATU Sligo user name and password:

Students: and ATU Sligo Password 
Staff: and ATU Sligo Password 

Viewing Standards in the Custom Collection

Click the link to My Subscription towards the left of the screen.  (Note: you need to hover the mouse over the text “[number] of 25 documents selected”.)

A list of the standards in the Library’s Custom Collection displays.  Click the link Use My Collection to the right of the red bar.  This provides the list in a form where you can view and download the standards.  

To the right of each item are two links:

Allows you to download a pdf copy of the standard

 Allows a Quick View on screen

Note:  There is a notice in red regarding Digital Rights Management above the list of references.  As of the update date of this guide, full text standards appear to download successfully regardless of whether the plugin is installed.  If you have difficulties or queries regarding downloading and opening standards, please email

The Search Within Results box to the left allows you to search for standard numbers or other keywords.
The Remove Terms From Filter tab allows you to remove elements from your search if you wish to search for other terms or keywords.




For further assistance, Click Help and FAQs towards the top of the screen.