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Ebook Central (Proquest) Quick Start Guide: Welcome


Ebook Central contains a small collection of individual Ebooks purchased by the library.


Available from the Library website:

  • and choose ATU Sligo
  • Databases A-Z
  • Choose Ebook Central from the list

You may need to enter your ATU Sligo user name and password:

Students: and ATU Sligo Password and ATU Sligo Password


You can browse through the list of titles.
In the column under Refine Your Search to the left of the screen, there are options, by ticking the boxes, to limit to list to:

  • Books published in a certain year
  • Books on a particular subject
  • Books by a particular author


In the search box at the top of the screen, search words can be entered for keyword, author etc.

Reading Books

When you have identified a book you want to read Click on the title of the book.  This will show more details of the book.  You have two options for reading the books:

  • Read online: you must remain online within the Ebook Central database
  • Download:  you will be able to read the book offline on a laptop or other device for a certain period of time

Read Online

If you choose Read Online the full text of the book will appear on screen.  You may scroll down through it or Click on the title of a chapter or section in the column on the left to jump to that section.

If you enter a word in the Search Within Book box and Click on the  symbol to the right, you will be shown the sections where that word exists by a series of purple bars.  The longer the bar, the more frequently the word occurs in the section.  Click on the arrow to the left of the section title to see links to the particular occurrences of the word.

Symbols toward the top of the screen link to other functions:

Download to your own device - similar to the Download link on the main information page for the book
Chapter Download - similar to the Chapter Download link on the main information page for the book
Copy                   Print        Because of licencing restrictions the number of pages will be limited
Add to bookshelf - a personal work area
A link to allow you to share the book
Get citation - this will allow you to export a citation to Endnote (see Endnote Online Quick Start Guide)
Highlight a section of text in a book
Make notes on a book
Add bookmark

Click on the book symbol  in the top left hand corner to return to the book details.


Full Download

If you choose Full Download you may need to enter your ATU Sligo user name and password:

Students: and ATU Sligo Password 

Staff: and ATU Sligo Password 

Then follow screen instructions to choose a device, install Adobe Digital Editions if necessary and download the book for a period of time.  You may download the book to laptop/desktop, an iOS or Android device.  If you require help downloading an Ebook Central ebook, please email

Extra Help and Other Features

For additional information, Click    at the top right hand of the screen.