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Digital Theatre Plus Quick Start Guide: Welcome


Digital Theatre Plus contains videos and audio recordings of drama productions and interviews with theatre practitioners.  There is also a collection of theatre theory and criticism to read.


Available from the library web site:

  • and choose ATU Sligo
  • Databases
  • Choose Digital Theatre Plus from the list

You may need to enter your ATU Sligo user name and password:

Students: and ATU Sligo Password 

Staff: and ATU Sligo Password 


The main screen includes a search box. 

Enter the term Shakespeare and Click Search

If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, there are options to limit the results of your search to certain types of resources.


To browse the collection, Click Digital Theatre+ to return to the main screen.  You may choose Plays and Productions, Practice and Productions or Theory and Criticism along the top of the screen. 

For example choose Practice and Practitioners, then scroll to the bottom of the screen to choose:

Role: eg. Actor, Academic, Arts Manager

Form of Practice: eg. Staging, Teaching, Training

Resource Type: eg. Documentary, Interview, Master Class

You can also choose from an A-Z picker or Curriculum (UK Second Level)


Choose Plays and Productions and Search for A Doll’s House

From among the five results, two are productions. Choose one of them.


You can watch the play from start to finish or choose from key scenes and speeches.

Extra Help

If you scroll to the very end of the screen, there is further information about Digital Theatre+.  For example the About Us link provides access to a Table of Contents which can be downloaded in spreadsheet form.