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Business Source Complete (EBSCO) Quick Start Guide: Welcome


Business Source Complete provides a collection of business journals and other information.  Indexing and abstracts are provided for scholarly business journals and magazines with over 2100 titles in full text available and including more than 1300 peer reviewed journals.


Available from the library web site:

  • and choose ATU Sligo
  • Databases A - Z
  • Choose Business Source Complete from the list

You may need to enter your ATU Sligo user name and password:

Students: and ATU Sligo Password 

Staff: and ATU Sligo Password 


On the search screen, enter the term marketing        
(The system automatically provides you with a series of similar terms from which you may choose.  To ignore the suggestions and retain the word(s) you entered, Click the cursor in a blank portion of the screen)

The Search Options allow you to use a number of different search modes.  For example:  
Boolean/Phrase                                 marketing AND direct
Find all my search terms                  seminar marketing
Find any of my search terms           market markets marketing
Smart text searching                                   
This allows you to type a sentence or more and the database will interpret it for you.  For example,  "How can a rural area market itself as a tourist destination?" 
Another option available when searching is to use a wild card *.  For example, searching market* will retrieve results including “market”, “markets” and “marketing” etc.

Note: An important option is PDF Full Text.  This will limit the results of your search to those items which include a pdf of the full text of the article.
When you have entered your search terms and selected your options, Click Search

Your results are displayed. To ensure most recent items display at the top of the list, Click the drop down menu at Relevance at the top of the list and choose Date Newest

When viewing a list of articles a number of options are shown at the left of the screen to Refine your results:  For example:
·      Peer Reviewed will limit your results to material of an academic nature.
·      You can also limit your results by Publication Date, Subject, Publisher etc.

To view an individual item, Click on the title or the HTML or PDF fulltext link.

Advanced Search

Click Advanced Search just under the search box.  The search screen provides you with a series of boxes allowing you to create a more complex search.  For example, you could specify that all your search terms should appear in the titles of articles, or, you could search the subject headings assigned to articles.  (Note: Clicking Clear removes previous terms from the search boxes)

Advanced Search - examples

Example 1

Example 2

Business Source Complete has many other features which you can explore as you become more familiar with the database.


Extra Help

You should use the various help features available in the databases.  Check out the ? icon at each stage of the search or click Help at the top of each screen.