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Cite Them Right Online Quick Start Guide: Welcome


Cite Them Right is a book in the library which tells you how to create references in your assignments and coursework.  There is now an online version of this guide.


  • and choose ATU Sligo
  • The Cite Them Right link is one of the blue circular links beneath the main Search box
  • When you Click on the link for the Cite Them Right guide, you are provided with a search box to search for a particular type of source type you want to reference.  
  • Alternatively, you are also provided with menus across the top of the screen allowing you to choose the type of source you want to get guidance on, eg. Books, Journals, Digital & Internet, etc.
  • When you choose a source, eg. Books, you are given a list of referencing styles to choose from:  Harvard, APA7th, APA6th, Chicago, IEEE, MHRA, OSCOLA, Vancouver

What is Referencing

When you use information or ideas created by other people in your essays or assignments, you need to let readers know you have done this.
Copying something written by another person and putting it into your assignment as if it is your own work is known as PLAGIARISM.  You are not allowed to do this in college.
The Harvard Referencing System is a way of showing anyone reading your assignment where each piece of other peoples’ information you use came from.

  • A CITATION in the text.   If using the Harvard referencing style, for everywhere in your written assignment where you use someone else’s information or ideas, you must put the last name of that person and the date the information was published in parentheses.
  • A REFERENCE LIST.  For each citation in the text, you must give the full details of the source of the information in a list at the end of your assignment.
  • A BIBLIOGRAPHY.  This lists additional sources which you have read but which you have not cited directly in the text of your assignment.

It is easier to see how the system works in the following example in the Harvard Style.  (Please note the studies referred to are not real and are for demonstration purposes only)

A study has shown that the majority of Irish people prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate ice cream (Bloggs, 2012).  However, another study has shown that vanilla is not as popular as strawberry ice cream in the north west of Ireland  (Doe, 2013).

Reference List
Bloggs, J. (2012) Study on ice cream eating in Ireland.  Dublin: Ice Cream Study Group.
Doe, J. (2013)  North West desert choice survey.  Sligo: Eating Habits Research Body.

Other, A.N. (2011) Implementing food surveys.  London: Survey Institute.

The information for each item on the reference list and bibliography usually begins with the author followed by the publication date, the title in italics, the place of publication and the publisher.   
The basic system is simple.  However, since you will use information from many different sources it is sometimes difficult to know how to create your citations and reference list.  You can use Cite Them Right Online to guide you in how to lay out your citations and references.

What Are Referencing Styles

Harvard (Author, Date) is a referencing style.  There are other styles.  Some of these use numbers in the text to indicate a citation and a numbered list of references at the end of the text.  An example of a numbered system is the Vancouver Referencing Style. 

How do you know what Referencing Style to use

You should always check with your lecturer or the staff member supervising your assignment to find out what referencing style to use for your assignment.