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Endnote Online Quick Start Guide: Welcome


Endnote Online is a tool which allows you to collect, organise and format references when carrying out course assignments or research.


The first time you use Endnote Online, you must register through the Web of Science database as follows.   Available from the library web site:

  • and select ATU Sligo
  • Databases A-Z
  • Choose Web of Science from the list
    • You may need to enter your ATU Sligo user name and password:
    • Students: and ATU Sligo Password 
    • Staff: and ATU Sligo Password 
  • In Web of Science Click Products at the top right hand corner of the page and then choose Endnote
  • On the screen that appears, Click Register if you have not already registered.
  • Enter your email address and create a password.
  • You will receive an email to “Please Activate your Endnote Account”.  Click on the link provided.
  • Enter your email and the password you have just created.  You should now have access to Endnote Online
  • Each time you use Endnote, you should login through Web of Science to ensure you have access to styles made available by ATU Sligo
    • Note:  If you have already registered for an account using your email address you may change to your email address.  Click the   symbol at the top of the screen on the right.  Choose Email Address from the menu items.  A form allows you to change your email address.

The main Endnote Online page has menu items along the top of the screen for:  My References, Collect, Organize, Format, Match, Options, Downloads

Enter a reference manually

  • Click the Collect tab at the top of the screen
  • Click  the New Reference link
  • Select your Reference Type from the drop down list (for example are you referencing a book, a journal article etc?)
  • Fill in the Bibliographic Fields, by either typing or by cutting and pasting from a Webpage
  • Click Save
    • For guidance on entering a reference manually, see also the guide Harvard ITS: working samples for using with Endnote  

Organize References

Once you have your references saved in Endnote Online you will want to organize them. You can create groups for each assignment or research project and when you import or add references manually you save them to the appropriate group.

Import References

Note:  It is possible to export references from databases and from library catalogues and then import them into Endnote Online.  However, the method varies from database to database.  In some cases, references must first be exported from the databases to a file on your computer and then imported to Endnote Online from there.  In other cases, the references may be exported directly to Endnote Online.  A separate guide Endnote Online Export/Import References provides more information.  This guide will provide a general introduction.

Import References from a File

Note: These steps are taken after you have exported your references from a database to a file on your computer. 

  • Click the Collect tab at the top of the screen
  • Click  the Import References link
  • Click on the Choose File button to browse your pc and select the reference file you want to import.
  • Use the Import Option drop down list to select where your reference(s) came from. For example if it was from Jstor select Jstor
  • There are entries in the drop down list for some of the journal databases available through the Yeats Library website. If you are importing a reference from the library catalogue, or are unsure which selection to make, please use Refman RIS or Endnote import from the drop down list.  A certain amount of trial and error is necessary to see which import formats work best for each database.
  • Select the group you wish to save your reference to from the To drop down list. If you have no groups set up, you can save to [unfiled].     Click Import

Format References

You can format your  references using a referencing style and export it as a word document to your PC or as an e-mail.  For example: 

  • Click the Format tab at the top of the screen
  • Select  the Bibliography link
  • Select a group of references or all your references from the drop down list beside References
  • Select Cite Them Right Harvard ITS from the drop down menu beside Bibliographic Style.  This is the style that matches the online Cite Them Right guide to referencing.  It is an (author,date) style. Other styles available in Endnote Online include Harvard UL which is also (author, date) and Vancouver and Numbered, (both of which are numbered referencing styles).
  • Select file format rtf (rich text file) from the drop down list.
  • Click save, e-mail or preview and print.  You now have a bibliography or reference list which you can paste into a document.

Note:  You should also look at the Endnote Online Cite While you Write Quick Start Guide.  This explains how you can use Endnote to insert citations automatically into your Word documents and format your reference lists at the end of the document.


This is a feature to help authors choose journals in which to publish.

Extra Help

For additional help, Click on the Account/Sign Out symbol  at the top right of the screen and then Click Help.

Sign Out

When you are finished using Endnote, Click on the                              symbol and Click Sign Out