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Endnote Online Cite While You Write Quick Start Guide: Welcome


Endnote Online is a tool which allows you to collect, organise and format your references. The Endnote Online Setup Quickstart Guide introduces you to using Endnote Online.  The Endnote Online Import/Export Quick Start Guide introduces you to importing references into Endnote Online.

This guide introduces you to another Endnote Online feature, Cite While You Write.  This is a “plugin” to Microsoft Word and allows you to insert citations and references into your assignment as you write it.  

This guide assumes you have registered with Endnote Online and that you are logged into Endnote by going through the Web of Science database. If you are having difficulty setting up Endnote Online, email for assistance.


Setting Up Cite While You Write

The Endnote Online Setup Quickstart Guide shows you how to access Endnote Online.  Once you are in the system:

  • Click Format
  • Click the Cite While You Write Plugin tab

This provides access to software for Windows and Apple (labelled Macintosh) computers which you can download and install on your home PC or laptop.  The Library will request that the software is installed on campus PCs.

Endnote Tab in MS Word

Once Cite While You Write has been installed on your PC, you should see an Endnote tab when you open MS Word.
●    Click the Endnote tab
●    If required, enter your student/staff email address and the password you have set up initially for Endnote Online when registering through Web of Science.
The software will connect the word plugin with your Endnote Online subscription.

Note: If it does not appear to work you may have to go to Preferences while in the Endnote tab. Within Preferences
Click the Application tab and then in the Application drop down menu, choose Endnote Online

Entering Citations

Following the Endnote Online Quickstart Guide and the Endnote Online Import/Export Quick Start Guide, you will have references input to Endnote Online relevant to your assignment.  As you type text in MS Word, you can insert citations at any time, using the Insert Citations icon in the EndNote tab.

Note:  You may want to go to Preferences and Click on the application tab to ensure Endnote Online and not Endnote is selected.  This guide relates to Endnote Online and note Endnote (desktop).

In the dropdown menu beside Style you can choose Cite Them Right - Harvard ITS (this is the style that matches the Cite Them Right online guide and the Yeats Library Harvard Referencing Quickstart Guide) or a number of other styles.  When you Click Insert Citations you will be able to search for one of your references by its author or by a keyword.  When you Click Insert, the citation will be inserted in your text where your cursor is and the reference added to your reference list as in the example below. 


Sample Text With Citations (for illustration purposes only)

A study has shown that the majority of Irish people prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate ice cream (Bloggs, 2012).  However, another study has shown that vanilla may not be as popular as strawberry ice cream in the north west of Ireland (Doe, 2013).

Bloggs, J. (2012) Study on ice cream eating in Ireland. Dublin: Ice Cream Study Group

Doe, J. (2013) North West desert choice survey. Sligo: Eating Habits Research Body.

Extra Help

In the Endnote tab in Microsoft Word, Click ?Endnote Help in the Tools group.