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Public Health & Health Promotion

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This guide details the resources available for students studying Public Health & Health Promotion.

It includes journal articles, ebooks, books, databases and website resources.

What is EOLAS?

EOLAS is a search engine that provides library users with a single search box to find resources.

When you search for a topic, EOLAS searches both the library catalogue and many of the databases that the library subscribes to, including Science Direct, JSTOR,  Sage Journals, Emerald, EBSCO databases (Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, Education Source, FSTA, Health Source Nursing Academic) and many more.

Search results can include both electronic content which can be accessed from anywhere and print content which is available in the library. 

Relevant electronic journal articles, ebooks, conference proceedings, books in print format, DVDs, theses and official publications will be included in the search results.