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Welcome! This guide will help you find the best information sources for Design

How to search for books or ebooks in ATU Library

Search for books and ebooks in our library discovery service.

For books, you’ll see its location and class number, this will help you find it on the library shelves.

For ebooks, simply click on the link to read it online or download.

Search Tips
  • Know what book you're looking for? Use the author's surname and the book title. For example, Cotrell study skills
  • Browsing books on a topic? Use a few keywords. It's a good idea to be as specific as possible. For example, history Ireland famine
  • Use Refine Results to filter to books or ebooks.   

Design books... where are they?

Library books are shelved by subject using a numerical shelving system.

In CCAM Library you'll find books relevant to design at these shelf or class numbers.

Floor 1

  • 006         Digital media          
  • 391         Costume
  • 709         Art history

Floor 2

  • 741         Drawing
  • 741.6      Graphic design
  • 745.2      Industrial design
  • 745.4      Design
  • 746         Textiles
  • 746.9      Fashion design
  • 747         Interior design

Floor 3

  • 770         Photography
  • 794.8      Game design

Look out for the yellow design logo on the shelves.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Book out on loan? Click on Place hold while searching or Contact us to add your name to a waiting list.

Book not available in ATU Library? Use our Document Supply Service. Please note you may be charged between €4 and €8 for this service. Contact us for more info.

Recommend a book. Contact us to suggest a book to add to the library collection.