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Early Childhood Education and Care

For students of Early Childhood Education and Care

A Journal is a scholarly academic publication usually published at regular intervals such as monthly, quarterly etc. Journals provide relevant, up to date information on a topic.

The library's Early Childhood Education and Care journals are available in electronic format only, mostly from library subscription databases.  Some scholarly journals in your area:

Early Childhood Education Journal

International Journal of Early Years Education

Child: Care, Health and Development

Australasian journal of Eary Childhood


Miscellaneous journals of interest:

Early Childhood Matters

Child Abuse and Neglect

Children and Society

American journal of Play


What if the library does not have the journal article you need?

  • Try searching Google Scholar by using the significant words or a phrase from the title of the article combined with the last name of the author.
  • You may also try searching for the title of the journal using quotation marks. This will often lead to the publisher's Web site. Browse the site to see if the article you need is freely available. Some publishers allow access to older articles without subscription.
  • If the Library doesn't provide access to the journal, you can request a copy through the Inter library loan service, ask at the library desk.
  • You can go to another library that has a printed version of your article and photocopy it yourself, local libraries include NUIG or the County libraries.

Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Journals

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When an article is Peer-Reviewed, the editors of the journal send it to experts in the relevant field; e.g., an article about Early Childhood Education would go to other academics and researchers in that area  These experts provide feedback (about the quality of research and presentation of findings, and more) and may recommend changes. This ensures that the articles that are published in academic journals have scholastic merit and contribute to the overall research in that field.