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Academic writing

Carter, M. (2007). Ways of Knowing, Doing, and Writing in the Disciplines. College Composition and Communication, 58(3), 385-418. Retrieved from

"Hard writing makes easy reading. Easy writing makes hard writing"     William Zinsser

Writing guide from the University of Toronto

Online Writing Guide from Purdue University

Academic Phrasebank from the University of Manchester - a mighty resource for you to explore

First assignment

Proof reading

Writing Your Dissertation

Using Quotes

Steps for Using A Quote Sandwich


Select a quote that strongly connects to the topic of your paper.


Connect the quote to a main point from your paper.


Introduce the quote by providing the author or organization credentials.


Use a signal phrase before every quote (e.g. "According to Smith..")


Use quotation marks around a quote of two or more words taken directly from the source.


Provide appropriate in-text citations after each quote. MLA: (Smith 2)


Explain what the quote means. Then, use several sentences to explain how the quote applies to the main point of the paragraph and to the thesis statement of the paper.

Woodward Academy

Quick Steps to Quality Paraphrase

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