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How to book a Seminar Room at ATU Sligo Yeats Library

Booking a Seminar Room


  1.  Go to library website Yeats Library, Sligo ( scroll down to Seminar Rooms and click on Reserve a Seminar Room.

  2. Students must choose Sligo Yeats from the Location drop-down menu to book a space in Sligo.  Then click on Show Availability  

  3. Rooms and Spaces are shown - Green for Availability / Red for Booked – Choose day, time and room number (green space), you can also view the location of the Seminar Rooms on the floor plan link at the top of the page.

  4. Click on a Green space to make a booking - and confirm time (half hour or hour) – then click on Submit Times .   You are only allowed a maximum of 1 hour booking per day per student/staff 

  5. Confirmation of your booking day and time is shown on screen and Terms and Conditions Click on Continue  

  6. Fill out you details  - you must use your ATU email address  the booking will not be accepted otherwise.

  7. You will receive an email to your ATU email address to Verify your booking - click on the link to confirm or cancel your booking .               You must confirm the booking within 30 minutes or else your booking will be deleted.

  8. Click on link to confirm booking then click on Verify Email on screen - once you have click on Verify Email you will receive a confirmation email to your ATU email account  




How to book a Seminar Room Video