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Welcome! This guide will help you find the best information sources for Computing

Welcome to the Library!

This guide will help you:

  • find books, ebooks, journal articles and other information sources
  • manage your references and avoid plagiarism. 

Getting Started

Information can come from many different places...books, journal articles, websites and social media to name a few.

It's good practice to include a variety of information sources when you are gathering information for an assignment. This shows that you have researched your topic thoroughly and have evidence to support your writing.

A good start is to find some information from

  • books
  • journal or magazine articles
  • websites

And remember, don't rely on one source only.

Our Top Resources for Computing

Start by searching the Library's Collection of books, ebooks, journal articles and more.

Recommended Databases


Content: Full-text journal articles

Subjects: Science, Technology, Computer Science

Academic Search Complete

Content: Full-text journal articles

Subjects: A wide range of topics including science, computer science and technology

Web of Science

Content: Journal articles (abstracts)

Subjects: Science, Computer Science and Technology