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Information on Map resources

This guide is an introduction to finding maps and geospatial data for research purposes. It provides details on how to access both print and digital map data via the ATU Library and several online resources. The guide is currently being updated so some features may not accessible.

 Why use maps? 

Maps are used for communication, analysis, historical research and problem solving.

Their use is varied through many subject areas Image of world map painted on open hands including: Geography, History, Environmental Science, Heatlh, Sociology, Business and Engineering. 

Maps display the world visually providing details of location, distances and geographical features. Combining this information with layers of spatial data can enhance research and explore new emerging patterns from human dispersion to global warming and everything in between.

The data supplied by Geographic Information Systems are widely used by Governments and industry leaders for analysis and decision making.

 Hands, World. Map, Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Resources covered in this libguide include:

  • ArcGis
  • GeoHive Hub 
  • MapGenie
  • National Inventory of Architectural Service
  • National Mapping Agreement with Tailte Éireann, formerly Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) 
  • National Monuments Service
  • Print Map Collections - ATU Library has a selection of print maps available
  • Related Resources