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Reading Lists

How to search your reading lists on the Keylinks platform

What are Reading Lists?

Reading Lists will be compiled and provided by the academics coordinating each module or course. ATU Library staff have input the available reading lists on to the Keylinks platform, to enable students to have one point of access to the reading material for your courses and to help find items in the library, or access to the details if the item is not held in our libraries. The link to Keylinks is or you can access from the library home page:

Students, you can also link to your reading list from your module in Moodle. Once you see this symbol (it may be called 'Required Reading' or 'Library Resources') the link will bring you to the list.

Having all your module required reading and library resources in the one place will enable you to return to these resources without having to download them to your Library Account. You will always have the link from the reading list through to the library to check availability, or read/download an eBook, without having to key a library search.

Please see the short video below on how to search our Keylinks reading lists

Searching Reading Lists Step by Step

It is easy to retrieve reading lists even if you don't know your module name or code

1. from the library homepage:









Select the 'Reading Lists' link from the library home page

2. Click to access the Reading Lists landing page

Reading Lists Landing Page








3. Key your module name or lecturer's name in the box on the top right.

Reading Lists Search Results








Reading Lists Search by subject

4.  When you find your module / list click on it to see required readings

Reading Lists Module view


Accessing Reading Lists from your course in Moodle Video

Use the video below for instructions on how to find your reading list in your VLE LearnOnline

How do I search for my course readings?

You will be given the readings for your module or course from your lecturer.

They may be in print format or online. They may also be linked to your course in LearnOnline.

If you cannot see a list of required readings check with your lecturer or class tutor.

You can then use this list to search for items in the library. You may use the library Reading Lists link to search for your course by browsing your department, or keying your lecturer name, module code or subject into the search box


If you find the list you've been given by your lecturer is not the same as the list on the library above can you let us know please by emailing 
The library endeavors to give access to as much essential reading as possible. We invite programme coordinators to ensure the library has been advised of material necessary for purchase, and we appreciate you cooperation in this regard.