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Applied Social Care

Welcome to your subject guide for Applied Social Care

About Journals

A Journal is a scholarly publication or academic magazine usually published at regular intervals eg. monthly, quarterly etc. Journals are excellent sources of scholarly information providing in-depth, up-to-date coverage of a subject. We have a small collection of journals on the library shelves, but most of our journals are available online. 

Finding a journal title is different to finding a journal article. Each journal title has a number of individual journal articles in each issue. To search for various journal articles key your search terms in to and then refine your search where necessary. To find a journal title online search our e-Journals Finder.

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Titles of interest...

The library has many journals in the area of Social Care.  They are available in electronic format only, mostly from library subscription databases.  

Health and Social Care in the Community  

Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies

Journal of Social Care

Community Work and Family

International Journal of Integrated Care 

Online Journal of the International Child and Youth Care Network       

Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care


The article you need is not available in ATU Library?

  •  Use our Document Supply Service.
  • Try searching Google Scholar by using the significant words or a phrase from the title of the article combined with the last name of the author.
  • Try the publisher's Web site. Browse the site to see if the article you need is freely available. Some publishers allow access to older articles without subscription.