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Google Scholar

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Results screen

Google Scholar Results Screen


1. My Library: allows you to save articles directly from the search results page and organize them.

2. Sorting: Available by relevance or by date.

3. Items with links to freely available items on the web will show a link here. 

4. Items with links to full-text items held by ATU Libraries will show the “ATU Galway Mayo” (If you are off-campus you need to add ATU Galway Mayo to your Library Location in settings).

5. " ":  Get citations for item. Click on the Cite icon to copy and paste a formatted citation (Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago etc.) or use one of the links at the bottom to import into a bibliography manager such as EndNote.

6. Cited by: Number of times an item has been citied and links to articles that cite the work.

7. Related articles: Articles that are related in theme.

8. Import into: If you use a bibliography manager tool such as EndNote you can quickly import the citation.


How can I add the full citation of a result on Google Scholar to my bibliography manager?

Go to settings and select your preferred citation format in the "Bibliography Manager" section (RefWorks, RefMan, EndNote or BibTeX). Once you've saved your settings, an import link will be added to each search result. Click on the link for the result you would like to save.

Please Note if you are using EndNote Online select Refman NOT EndNote.