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By using citations and references, you are acknowledging that you have used the ideas and material belonging to another author. It demonstrates that you have searched the appropriate literature and that you have carried out reading on your topic. It enables anyone reading your work to look up your citations and read them for themselves. Our aim is to explain the basics of citation and referencing.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand why referencing correctly is essential;

2. Recognise what citations are and when and how to cite in the text ;

3. Be able to reference key sources of information including books, journal articles and websites;

4. Understand how to present and format a bibliography;

5. Know how to use our resources to answer your citation and referencing questions.

Your Choices:

Podcast - Referencing: an Overview (audio) Presentation slides - handout with notes (pdf) Presentation slides - full page (pdf)

By using Universal Design for Learning practices and integrating accessible learning materials, we attain to meet the instructional needs of all our ATU students and learners.