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Research & Postgraduate Students


Research data management (RDM) describes the organisation, storage, preservation, and sharing of data collected and used in a research project.


Being mindful of how you manage your data will help you to:

  • Fulfil funder and institutional expectations and policies
  • Ensure your data is accessible and shareable
  • Show responsible practice
  • Keep your research safe and secure
  • Increase your research efficiency
  • Enhance your research integrity
  • Make your research outputs more visible
  • Facilitate collaboration


Research data refers to anything that is required to validate or reproduce research findings, or to get a better understanding of them.


Making data available in a well-timed and responsible way ensures other researchers can validate it, develop it and use it to progress knowledge.


The management of research data is essential to high quality research and academic integrity. Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or an academic working on a research project, managing your data well is one of the best ways ensure standardisation, reproducibility, and the ability to disseminate your research; along with saving you time in the long run. Without proper data management, the validity of research results might be doubted, jeopardising your reputation, as well as the reputation of the college.


Data should be managed to be:

  • Compliant - funding bodies, institutions and publishers increasingly require grant-holders to develop and implement DMPs, with policies on how data is managed and shared.
  • Efficient - well-managed data enables data discovery, access, validation, analysis, shareability and longevity.
  • Responsible - data management is a fundamental ethics code of the responsible conduct of research.
  • Transparent - data that is suitably managed and described supports published research outcomes and improves data quality.


Where can I deposit my data?

A list of other trusted repositories is available at Re3data.


A practical guide to the international alignment of research data management - Science Europe

This resource offers targeted guidance for organisations, scientific communities, as well as individual researchers, to organise research data and preserve it appropriately.

How to create a Data Management Plan - OpenAIRE

Guides for Researchers for H2020 projects.

How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan - Digital Curation Centre

Outlines the process of developing a data management and sharing plan.