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Welcome to your subject guide for engineering

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Websites are good for up-to-date information and Information on companies, government and organisations. However, they are not so so good for accurate, reliable academic information.


There are many useful resources and websites on the internet which you can find using Google, Google Scholar or other search engines - you need to make sure you use reliable sources of information.

Useful Websites for Engineering 

Tips for Evaluating Websites



• Is the information reliable and error-free?
• Is there an editor or someone who checks the information?


• What are the author’s qualifications for writing on this subject?


• What are the topics included in the work?


• Is the content of the work up-to-date?
• Is the publication date clearly labelled?
• Broken links are one measure of an out-of-date page


• Is the information presented with a minimum of bias?
• To what extent is the information trying to sway the opinion of the audience?

See our Evaluating Information, Fake News and Google Scholar LibGuides for more information. 

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