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Harvard Style

This guide shows how to use the Harvard style of referencing

Adding page numbers to a citation

It is necessary to include a page number to a citation if you have used a quotation, a figure or table in your assignment.

  • Click on the citation you want to edit in your document (a box will surround it with a drop down menu)
  • Click ‘Edit Citation’ in the drop-down menu



  • Type the appropriate page number in the ’Pages’ box > Ok.


Removing author and/or year from a citation

In your writing, you will often integrate the author’s name into your sentence followed by the date and page numbers, if applicable, in brackets:



In this case, you do not repeat the authors’ names in the citation in brackets.

  • Type in whatever it is you wish to reference (i.e. Smith argues ...)
  • Insert your Citation in the normal way (i.e. putting cursor after ‘Smith’ and then inserting the citation)
  • Highlight this citation and click on the drop down menu
  • Choose ‘Edit Citation’



  • Tick the box to the left of Author. Your citation now has the author removed from inside the brackets.