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Harvard Style

This guide shows how to use the Harvard style of referencing

In the 'Manage Sources' part of the MS Word Referencing Toolbar, you can copy previous sources entered on your device to your current document; you can delete sources from the current list; you can edit sources and you can create a new source.



Any sources typed in on a different occasion in a different document which appear in your ‘Master list’, but not the ‘Current list’ can be copied over to the current list by highlighting the source you require in the Master list and clicking copy->.




To remove any unwanted references from the ‘Current List’, highlight them and Click ‘Delete’.

If you have already cited the source in your document, then the ‘Delete’ option will be greyed out. First, delete all the citations from the document and then you will be able to delete it from the ‘Managing Sources’ window.

  • To delete the reference in the document, highlight the citation from the document and click on 'Delete' on the keyboard.
  • Once you have deleted all the citations from the document, click on References <  Manage Sources, highlight the citation from the current list and click ‘Delete’.



  • To check that this source is now gone fully from your 'Reference list', click anywhere in your 'Reference list' and 'Update citations and bibliography' at the top. If you have deleted all citations where it was used and removed it from the 'Current list', it should have now been removed.




If you need to edit a source at a later stage, to add in more details to hand or change any incorrect spelling etc., click ‘Manage Sources’.

  • Highlight the source you want to edit. Placeholders have a question mark beside them.
  • Click ‘Edit
  • Enter the correct details in the pop-up box that appears




To create a new source reference, click 'New' and a window will open to fill in the details.